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PMA2020 Uganda - 2018

Data Source
  • Sub-Saharan Africa
  • Uganda

PMA2020 uses innovative mobile technology to support low-cost and rapid-turnaround surveys that track key health and development indicators in 11 FP2020 pledging countries.

Study Website
Adolescents: Not available
  • Females
Age Range:
  • 15-19
  • 20-24
Study Design:
  • Observational
Type of Data:
  • Cross-sectional
Time Period: 2018; 2017; 2016; 2015; 2014
Areas Covered: Nationally Representative
Investigators: Bill and Melinda Gates Institute for Population and Reproductive Health at Johns Hopkins University, School of Public Health, College of Sciences at Makerere University, Uganda Bureau of Statistics, Uganda Ministry of Health
Funders: Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
  • Performance Monitoring and Accountability 2020 (PMA2020)
Demographic Characteristics - Urban and Rural;
Education - Grade attainment/attendance;
Health Care Access and Utilization;
Reproductive Health - Family planning/contraception, Fertility, Menstrual hygiene, Sexual behavior;
Time Use;