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Colombia International Crime Victimization Survey - 2000

Data Source
  • Colombia
  • Latin America & Caribbean

The International Crime Victim Survey produces estimates of victimization that can be used for international comparison. The survey has evolved into the world’s premier program of standardized surveys looking at householders’ experience of common crime in different countries.

Study Website
Adolescents: Not available
  • Females and Males
Age Range:
  • 15-19
  • 20-24
Study Design:
  • Observational
Type of Data:
  • Cross-sectional
Time Period: 2000
Areas Covered: City: Bogota
Investigators: Not available
Funders: Government of the Netherlands; UK Home Office
  • International Crime Victimization Survey (ICVS)
Demographic Characteristics - Urban;
Economics - Employment;
Education - Grade attainment/attendance;
Family/Household Structure;
Migration and Mobility;
Violence - Emotional/psychological violence, Physical violence, Sexual violence;